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Buy Handmade Mexican Hammocks & Hammock Chairs Direct From Mayan Village Artisans In Support Of Fair Trade.

Hammocks from Mexico are the most comfortable hammocks. The soft, yet supportive feeling is unmatched compared to other hammock materials. You'll never want to lay in anything else. The feeling has been compared to be like floating on a cloud.

How To Choose a Mexican Hammock

soila hammock weavingFor more than 3,000 years, the Mayans developed a great culture with rich traditions. In the Yucatan of Mexico, Mayan hammocks have been used as an important piece of furniture indoors or outdoors, for resting and relaxation, just as they are today. Now you can enjoy them in and around your home, while adding a dash of style. From single size to family size, with a spreader bar or without, to hammock chairs and more, you'll find the right hammock for you, your family and friends from our extensive selection of handmade Mexican hammocks. These are perfect for indoors for maximizing space and adding style, or outdoors to enjoy in the comfort of the seasons and sun.

Using centuries old methods, all our hammocks are handmade by Mayan women in the Yucatan of Mexico. These authentic Mexican hammocks are made of 100% cotton, with the end strings or loops made of nylon for support. Cotton hammocks are the more comfortable hammocks, with the colors more pleasing to the eye. With nylon, threads are bright and shiny, but less forgiving against the skin. The Mayan women work on hammocks to support their family and earn an income. In this way, the women can take care of their young children and work at the same time. When you get a Mayan made hammock, you are contributing directly to family income, supporting the self-sufficiency of the women and the development of the whole community.

Single Size Hammocks

couple's hammock

The Single Mexican hammock is great for solo use, for a lazy day on the beach or traveling. It's also great for young children old enough to use and enjoy a hammock. It's also very popular with students who are looking to add some extra seating in a small space or on the go. learn more

Queen Size Hammocks

couple's hammock

The Queen (Double) hammock is a good size for taller people or couples. It can easily accommodate kids as well. The woven bed expands as wide as 7 feet, yet is still compact enough to take along on a picnic or camping trip, as well as for afternoons for two. learn more

King Size Hammocks

king size mexican hammock

If you plan to share your Mayan hammock space with a friend or loved ones, we recommend the King. The weave is very dense and will remain practically solid when you lay in it. Best overall value in comfort and size you can't go wrong with the King size hammock. learn more

Jumbo Size Hammocks

jumbo Mexican hammocks

Great for one or for the whole family, the comfort of the Super King Jumbo Mexican hammock is unmatched. These are our most popular hammocks and are as good as it gets in the world of Mayan Hammocks. There is simply no hammock bigger than this one! learn more

Thick Cord Hammocks

serapes blanket

For something a little different, we also have thick cord Mexican hammocks. The big difference obviously is the cord used is thicker, about the size of a pencil lead. Some prefer the thicker cord over the more traditional thin cord hammocks. The choice is yours. learn more

American / Bar Hammocks

american hammock

The American hammock has a wood spreader bar anchored at the head and foot of the hammock. The spreader bars make the hammock hang and feel more like a bed than a traditional hammock. If you are looking for a more conventional hammock, this is the one. learn more

Hammock Chairs / Swings

hammock chair swing

Nothing beats a hammock chair. These chairs easily hang indoors from a beam or secure support. They also easily set up in the shade of an old tree. The chair is very strong and perfect for a relaxing afternoon curled up with a book, a margarita or just a lazy day. learn more

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About the Mayans and Mexican Hammocks

For many Mayan families, the Mexican hammock trade is their only source of income. When you get a handmade Mayan hammock, you are helping the Mayan women directly, working with and respecting the communities, while providing economic support for the Mayan familes and Mayan villages. We proudly support as well, and offer our Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks via Paypal for your convenience.

More Info On Mayan Hammocks

All our Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks are handmade, cotton hammocks. Cotton, being a natural fiber, has a much nicer feel to it and with the right care, can last for many years. The end strings or loop strings of our hammocks are made of nylon for strength and support. For many, the best selling and most popular hammocks are the Jumbo, King, American and hammock chairs.

Mexican hammocks come in all colors, from solid colored to multi-colored, rainbow hammocks. Get the ultimate garden or outdoor decorating accessory and add outdoor style to your backyard, cottage or picnic with authentic handmade hammocks. Since each one is handmade, each hammock is an original piece of handwoven textile art. Not only will you enjoy your hammock, but you'll also feel great that your purchase has helped out a Mayan family whose sole source of income is often from the hammock trade as you can read here on our site. For more information on the various sizes of hammocks and some of our Mayan partners in the hammock trade, please check out our selection above or our video to the right.

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