How To Buy A Mexican Hammock While On Vacation In Mexico.

The best hammocks in Mexico come from the Merida area in the Yucatan area. The area is dotted by many small Mayan villages, where they hammocks are made by the Maya women and their families. If you plan on going to Mexico and buy a hammock there, here are some essential tips to help you spot a quality hammock.

How To Buy A Mexican Hammock:

Whether it's your first time or a frequent visitor, there is nothing is more exciting than a holiday in Mexico. Of course, no trip to Mexico is complete without some shopping. With the variety of handmade products, textile and crafts to choose from in Mexico, nothing is more endearing and synonymous with a great Mexican vacation than a Mexican hammock. A Mexican hammock is by far not only the most popular purchase, but also the ideal souvenir allowing you to enjoy the spirit of Mexico for years to come.beach hammock

When choosing and buying a Mexican hammock while on vacation on Mexico, there are a few things you may need to know. Firstly there are 2 types of hammocks, thick cord and thin cord hammocks. The difference is that with the thick cord, the mesh looks and feels more like a hockey or soccer net, with the cord about the thickness of a pencil lead. With the thin cord looks and feels more like a fish net, with the cord being much finer. Both are comfortable, and depending on your tastes and intended use. The thick cord is better for taking more activity and for packing around to the beach and cottage. If you intend to take along on day trips and outings, it can take the punishment. The thin cord is better for "adults only use" if you plan to lay it out in the backyard or garden space. With the smaller cord, the thin cord is the ideal stay-at-home hammock.

As hammocks go, handmade Mexican hammocks come in various sizes for your needs and available space. The single size is a good for solo use and travel. In Mexico, the queen size hammock is often called a matrimonial hammock, and is great for couples. If you have more outdoor space, the King size hammock is great for the garden or backyard. The Jumbo size is the largest hammock, and can hold the family or a group of friends. There is also the spreader bar hammock, which comes with a wood bar at the head and foot of the hammock, spreading the hammock bed into a rectangular shape like a bed mattress. weave of hammockThe best Mexican hammocks come from the town of Merida, and the surrounding areas of Yucatan, Mexico. These are the authentic Mexican hammocks, made by Mayan women in the small Mayan villages of the Yucatan, using centuries’ old weaving techniques. You'll recognize one by its quality and craftsmanship. It's easy to recognize a quality Mexican hammock by its weave which should be uniform throughout the hammock bed, and the color transition is even. When looking over a potential hammock, look for one with a tight weave (see photo to the right). The gaps between the threads should be narrow and taut. A well woven hammock with a tight weave will provide excellent support and provide hours of relaxation.

What makes a Mexican hammock so comfortable is its center of gravity, providing a stable position. Also because of its design and function, the hammock is safe and secure even for sleeping friends or guests. This is what made hammocks a favorite for sailors. As the ship would plow through the wave, a sleeper would rock with the movement of the ship, making it much safer than a bed. The one question is price. In many places in Mexico now, prices are fixed. Since prices can vary from one vendor to the next, it is important to focus on quality and find the hammock you want. Once you have found the one for you, if negotiating is possible, you can try your hand at bartering. Knowing what they go for in some of the stores you visited, you should have an idea of how much you should be prepared to pay.

With their beautiful colors and unmatched comfort, Mexican hammocks are an ideal souvenir for you or a great gift for someone special. Back home, you and your friends will be thankful you brought one - or two - back. Just hang one up and watch as it becomes the new place for you and friends to hang out in. They will soon learn to enjoy hanging out in your hammocks, as the day slowly goes by.

Hammock Info

All our hammocks are made in the Yucatan region of Mexican, in the small towns around the city of Merida. We work with several hundred familes in these Mayan communities. All our hammocks are produced under fair trade practices and provide the handmade Mexican hammocks directly to you.

When considering a hammock there are two materials to consider: nylon and cotton. Nylon would be a good choice, as it holds up to weather and wind better than cotton. However, nylon is not as comfortable a material. The synthetic fibers don’t stretch or conform as well as cotton. We use cotton for our hammocks as it is a natural fiber. Cotton hammocks are much more comfortable and cradle well to the body. The best Mexican hammocks take advantage of these 2 fibers. All our Mexican hammocks are made of 100% cotton, with the end strings or loops made of nylon to provide the strength and support.Bookmark and Share