American Hammocks / Bar Hammocks: The Perfect Outdoor and Garden Hammock.

The bar hammock is based on the traditional hammock style, but includes spreader bars. The bars at the head and foot of the hammock thread or spread the weave of the hammock bed into a rectangular shape. Instead of enveloping the body like a traditional hammock, this one looks, feels and supports more like a bed mattress.

American & Spreader Bar hammocks

This hammock is great if you have limited space or no trees to tether your hammock to. Often known by the name, American bar hammock, they are ideal for patios, smaller backyards, balconies, poolside and decks. They easily set up on a hammock stand (not included) and make a decorative addition to your garden oasis or cottage getaway. Spreader bar hammocks are an ideal outdoor accessory you can decorate with pillows and serapes blankets too.

American hammocks provide great comfort and support you need for one to three people or a young family! This hammock can easily be enjoyed by taller people and couples, yet not feel too big. This holds true even if it's for one person. The American bar hammock is a very strong and resistant hammock holding up to 900 lbs. If you are not comfortable with the more traditional Mayan hammock, the American hammock will provide you with a more secure, traditional bed-like feel.

Both American hammock and Mayan hammocks are made of cotton, with nylon end strings for extra strength. The comparison between a Mayan and American hammock is a Mayan hammock uses an open style that allows the hammock to expand and contract freely. While a Mayan hammock will envelop you, an American hammock with a spreader bar will provide more even support and a flatter surface to lie on. Both will provide a tight weave, feeling like a solid piece of cloth under you.

American hammocks are great for those who want to spend their days in the outdoors, laying in a hammock. This one is perfect for the garden. The style of this hammock would easily add a decorative touch for anyone looking to accentuate or accessorize an outdoor landscape. This is the one for those who want something tougher, yet warm and inviting for friends, family and guests.

American / Spreader Bar hammocks are great for:

  • Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts, and the Cottage
  • Small Backyards, Balconies and Patios
  • Limited Spaces like Decks and Poolside
  • Decorating Landscapes and Outdoor Accessorizing

hammock colors Choose an American hammock for just $89.95 or an American Deluxe now for just $149.95 (plus 3 Day FedEx Express Shipping) available in the following vibrant colors.


"The kids love the thick cord hammock. They just hang out in the afternoon reading their books. It's become better than a babysitter!"

Wendy B., Sarnia, ON, CAN

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American bar hammocks

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bar hammocks

American Bar Hammock Highlights: This is the standard in bar hammocks, with hanging fringes around the bed.

  • Weight: 8.80 pounds

  • Length: 12.5 feet

  • Width: 3.1 feet

  • Max Weight Capacity: 660 lbs


bar hammocks

American Deluxe Bar Hammock Highlights: This is a beautiful piece, full of details. It comes with a handmade decorative crochet fringe.

  • Weight: 14.30 pounds

  • Length: 12.5 feet

  • Width: 4.7 Feet

  • Max Weight Capacity: 770 lbs


mexican serape blankets

Add A Mexican Serape

Add a Mexican Serape Blanket for extra comfort and a decorative outdoor touch! Handmade of 100% cotton, machine washable, great for picnics and the beach too. Large selection of colors for just $34.95.

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hammock mosquito net

Add A Mosquito Net

For ultimate comfort and enjoyment add a mosquito net (mosquiteros). Total protection and relaxation letting you and your family enjoy your hammock day and night. Just $19.95.

hammock totebag

Add A Tote Bag!

Colorful tote bags to easily carry and store your hammock. Can also hold your magazines, cell and keys while at the beach or picnic, for just $12.95.

Color Choices:

More Info On The Mayan Hammock Weavers:

Every one of our American speader bar hammocks is 100% hand woven by Mayan women in Yucatan, Mexico using centuries old methods. Many villagers make hammocks to suppliment their family incomes. In this way the women can work and take care of their children at the same time. They watch their own children asleep in these same outdoor hammocks as they make a hammock for you.

When you get a hammock from us, you are contributing directly to Mayan family income, supporting the independence of the women and local community development. If you are looking for the more traditional Mayan hammock style, with the different sizes, it’s strongly suggested to get at least a king size hammock or the American as outlined here.

Whether you choose a traditional Mayan hammock or the more conventional American hammock above, both of these hammocks make for great outdoor hammocks and great gifts for house warmers, birthdays and holidays. Bookmark and Share