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King Size Mayan Hammocks & Mexican Hammocks For Patios, Backyard & Cottage

All the support you need for one or more people! If you plan to share your hammock space with a friend or loved one then this is the one to consider. The King Size hammock has a bigger weave, is very dense and will remain practically solid when you lay in it. For the best overall value in comfort and size the King is the way to go.

King Mexican Hammocks

The King is a very strong and resistant hammock holding up to 650 lbs. This is the perfect outdoor hammock you can't go wrong with, as the larger the hammock the more comfortable it will feel. This larger size hammock will provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out to your body's length. This holds true even if it's for one person. For example, a tall person will have to stretch a single hammock all the way out like a net, to lie in it. On the other hand, the King size hammock will open effortlessly and provide extra webbing even for a tall or large person. This way, the weave will remain tight so the Mexican hammock looks and feels like a solid piece of cloth, yet gently rapping the extra webbing around your body, providing a superior level of comfort.

The Mexican / Mayan hammock is woven with cotton threads, using an open style that allows the hammock to expand and contract freely. This means that larger size hammocks will provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out to your body's length.

Great for the outdoors, the King is for those who want something tougher, yet inviting to friends, family and guests. This is an ideal garden hammock, perfect for those who want to spend their days in the backyard, laying in a hammock. The colors of the King hammock would add to anyone looking to add a decorative touch to a backyard or outdoor landscape.

These large King Size Mexican hammocks are great for:

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King Size Mexican Hammock Highlights:

  • Weight: 1450 grs/ 3.15 pounds
  • Length (bed): 2.10 meters / 7 feet
  • Wide: 2.5 meters / 8.3 feet
  • Total length: 4 meters / 13.33 feet
  • Supports up to 300 kilograms / 652 pounds


The King size Mexican hammocks are a big hit at our villa. The guests love them and will spend the whole afternoon in the them!

Simon Z., Italy, Villa Owner


I am incredibly impressed at the speed of delivery, and the Mexican hammocks are great. Many thanks for a great buying experience.

Laurence C., UK

Add A Mexican Serape: mexican serapes

Add a Mexican Serape Blanket for extra comfort and a decorative outdoor touch! Handmade of 50/50 cotton/ acrylic, machine washable, great for picnics and the beach too. Large selection of colors for just $34.95.

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Add A Mosquito Net: mosquito net, mosquitero

For ultimate comfort and enjoyment add a mosquito net (mosquiteros). Total protection and relaxation letting you and your family enjoy your hammock day and night. Just $19.95.

Add A Tote Bag:hammock tote bag

Colorful tote bags to easily carry and store your hammock. Just $12.95.


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More About How Hammocks Are Made

collecting hammocksAngelo over sees the commissioning and production of the hammocks in the local Mayan villages. Angelo is a community leader who works directly with the village family weavers. In towns all around Merida are where the hammocks are made. Angelo lives in Chumayel, a small town about 1 hour south east of Merida.

His mother tongue like so many in the Mayan villages of the Yucatan is the local Mayan dialect. He has learned Spanish over the years which make him an essential part of the hammock production and collecting process. Angelo works directly with the local families, using his knowledge and expertise as both a community leader and master weaver to oversee the allocation of production. READ MORE... Bookmark and Share