Add Summer Sizzle & Outdoor Mexican Decor With Mexican Hammocks & Serapes

The essential outdoor furniture and accessories that you can’t do without are Mexican hammocks and Mexican serapes. Hammocks add a great outdoor decor to any patio, garden or backyard. Inside, decorating with Mexican serapes also warms up your place with their vibrant colors and unique design. They are also perfect for a picnic, lounging in the park or a day at the beach.

mayan woman weaving hammockWhether it's summer in Australia, or summer in the USA, Canada or the UK, as summer approaches, people are preparing their backyards and gardens to enjoy the lazy days of summer. Weeding and planting the garden, trimming the hedges, and getting the outdoor furniture out of storage is underway. This is the time to get your patio ready too. This preparation gives you more quality relaxing time at home. A great patio doesn’t only please you, but it also offers you a place to entertain your guests. The essential outdoor furniture that you can’t do without is a Mayan hammock.

Mayan hammocks are a great addition for any patio, garden or backyard. They spice up a place with their vibrant colors and unique seating or lounging style. Mayan hammocks often conjure up romantic visions of the beach with palm trees and the soothing music of the waves lapping at the shore. You can be on vacation year round when you add a hammock to your backyard, garden or patio area. You instantly create an aura of sophistication within that space. Mayan hammocks mimic the traditional Mayan hammock weaving construction of tightly wound thread, but with several changes, making them more comfortable. They are much larger so people can really spread out and get comfortable.

When considering a Mayan hammock, you only need to know one thing – the bigger the better! Size really does matter. The bigger the Mayan hammock, the more threads you have, and the tighter the weave is. You also enjoy a broader center of gravity for greater comfort. Many thin threads make a more comfortable hammock than fewer thick threads. It's simple physics. Stretched out in a single or a double, the weave will be pulled further apart and you will have fewer threads under you. Mayan hammocks can be hung anywhere in the backyard or garden. They also make a great addition to your patio or overlooking the pool.

The traditional way to hang a Mayan hammock is to string it between two trees or posts. With smaller outdoor spaces and limited backyard foliage, it’s possible your home may not have large enough trees for this purpose. The solution to this is a hammock stand. A hammock stand enables you to place your Mayan hammock wherever you want. This way, you can place your beautiful Mayan hammock next to the pool under a patio umbrella. Check out our hammocks as seen in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine.

serape blanket at the beachMayan hammocks can also be decorated with pillows or Mexican serapes blankets. Serapes are handmade colorfully striped cotton blankets. Spread out a serape before you get into in your Mayan hammock. For even more outdoor style lay one out on the grass for an afternoon snooze or picnic. These colorful Mexican serapes can also be used indoors to add a Mexican decorative flair to tables, furniture and beds. Mayan hammocks with their vibrant colors and seductive charms, add a unique decorative touch to any backyard or garden environment. Despite the size of Mayan hammocks when stretched out, even the largest ones pack up small and light always ready for the beach, picnic or backpacking. This makes Mayan hammocks and Mexican serapes truly versatile outdoor accessories that can add distinct flair to your backyard or for a great day at the beach or a weekend of camping.

All our hammocks are all hand-woven by Mayan women in Mexico. They are made using traditional Mayan hammock weaving methods in villages all over the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. Several hundred families living in remote villages in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico participate in the program. These high quality Mayan hammocks are handmade and are hand woven of 100% cotton cord with nylon end strings. The women make the Mayan hammocks in order to supplement their family incomes. The Mayan are often discriminated against, face economic challenges and limited job opportunities. Since the work is done at home, working conditions are better than in factories. In this way the women can work from home and take care of their children at the same time. Since the Mayan women work for themselves, they have no one to report to and can take care of their families. When they have finished weaving a Mayan hammock, they deliver them to our hammock distributor who ships them directly to you.

About Mexican Hammocks

When considering a hammock there are two materials to consider: nylon and cotton. Nylon would be a good choice, as it holds up to weather and wind better than cotton. However, nylon is not as comfortable a material. The synthetic fibers don’t stretch or conform as well as cotton. Cotton, being a natural fiber, is much more comfortable and cradles well to the body. The best Mexican hammocks take advantage of these 2 fibers. All our Mexican hammocks are made of 100% cotton, with the end strings or loops made of nylon to provide the strength and support. The Mayan women of today use them in the villages to rock their baby to sleep as they make the hammocks.

There are also thick cord hammocks and thin cord hammocks. The major difference is the thick cord hammocks use a twine that is about the size of a pencil lead. The thin cord hammocks are more like a fishing mesh or net. The thicker cord hammocks tend to be popular with resorts and hotels where they are in higher use. The thin cord hammocks are more popular with people who purchase them for themselves or a friend. Bookmark and Share

More About Serapes

In its intended form, serape refers to the traditional striped weave that makes up the blanket design of today. It was the mark of the traditional striped weave of the simple outer clothing worn like a poncho. The technique to create these stunning blankets has been passed on through the generations. These stunning and stylish Mexican serape blanket bring a unique decorative touch and a splash of color to any room in the house. From table runners in the dinning room to bed covers, these unique pieces of fabric art make a wonderful accessory to any piece of furniture or add vibrancy to any room in the house. Serapes are a great way to add some Mexican home decorating style. Serapes blankets also make for a great outdoors blanket, for the beach or a picnic. They have also been used for weddings, banquets and festivals. Serapes especially make a great gift!