Add Authentic Mexican Decor & Mexican Style With Mexican Serape Blankets

With their vibrant colors, eye catching designs and inviting fabric, serapes add a decorative touch to any room in your house. Mexican serapes and Mexican blankets make any room in your house feel warmer and more inviting. The striping of a sarape can even make a room look larger or brighter.

Authentic Mexican Decor Ideas With Mexican Serape Blankets:

For those looking to add that ideal Mexican decor, using a Mexican serape can help anyone looking to add an authentic Mexican decorative touch. Here are just few ideas on how you can add a Mexican decorative feel with the simple yet practical use of Mexican serape blankets. In just a few minutes, you can immediate add a dash of Mexican decor using a serape to accent any piece of furniture or add new appeal to any room. mexican serape table cloth

One of the most common ways to add a Mexican decorative flavor is by using a serape as a table cloth on the dining room table. The Mexican serape can be used to cover the entire table giving an immediate impact to the room and table. Anyone who has traveled to Mexico can remember a favorite restaurant that gave an extra taste or appeal to the meal with a serape table cloth. Speaking of tables, sarapes are also great as table runners. Just fold one in half lengthwise and you can balance the colors of the serapes with the table wood of any coffee table or end table. In this way, the serapes colors are more complimentary and softer and work with the wood rather than cover it.

If you are handy at crafts and sewing, it would be easy to make Mexican serapes into placemats for an even more definitive table accent. Don’t worry about getting a serape dirty though, as they can easily be put in the wash and hold their colors well on the cold cycle. In the bedroom, a Mexican sarape looks great draped over a dresser or bureau. Again, folded in half it adds a nice warmth to the bedroom while giving the room a touch of Mexican decor.

For added warmth both decoratively and practically, spread a Mexican blanket out as a bedspread. For a lighter note, fold it up at the foot of the bed during the day. If the room is in need of curtains, serapes are ideal as drapes to keep the light out and brightening up the room as well. mexican serape decorating a couchOut in the living room, Mexican serapes blankets can make an impact on providing Mexican decor and style. The most common use of a sarape is as a throw for the couch. By draping a serape blanket over the couch you can make the room come to life.

Depending on the tone and colors you choose, the serape can make a Mexican decorative statement with bolder colors, or by using softer tones, compliment the room decor. Even by placing the serapes along the head of the couch rather than the whole couch can refine its footprint. The same approach also works well with loungers and chairs, especially if they are old, tired and faded. Instead of spending thousands on recovering that old sofa or chair, simply drape one over that old furniture piece. Not only do you hide the worn out furniture, but in the process spice up the room with a Mexican decorative splash.

Again if you good with sewing and crafts, a serape blanket can be made into several pillows covers. Against neutral tones or single tone sofas and couched, the serapes pillows can be a great way to add a dash of Mexican decorative flair without overwhelming the furniture style. In this way you can let the furniture make the statement while the serapes pillows provide some balance. Keeping on the theme of Mexican decor ideas, whether in living rooms, the bedroom or family rooms, instead of a throw rug, why not try a sarape.

You may have seen serapes blankets used outside for an picnic, now image the same colors adding depth and dimension to any floor in any room of the house. Not only will you get a Mexican decorative tone, but the striping of Mexican serapes can make the room look bigger. Along with their colors, sarapes rugs will warm up any room with their charm. Since each Mexican serapes is individually made, each one becomes a unique piece of textile art.

With their blend of colors and patterns, hang a sarape on a wall and see how it brings the room to life. Alternatively, fold up a couple of serapes in squares or rectangles and and arranged the in a lateral or complimentary fashion. Other ways to use a serape as art is to fold it in a fan or arc formation, turning it into a double piece of art.Need more ideas? Why not try some outdoor decor ideas using Mexican serapes and hammocks.

More About Serapes

Serapes are versatile blanket that are usually found in the markets of Yucatan of Mexico. Serapes are known for their interwoven, striped colorful designs. The colors are usually warm and vibrant. The largest stripe is always the dominant color and is repeated throughout weave, along with secondary colors. The serapes usually consists of a darker base color with smaller striped bands of colors. There are also serapes that are made in lighter tones and softer shades. You may also find them in colors of the same shade as well. The ends of the serapes blankets usually finished with fringed ends.

Each of our serapes are handmade in Mexico, under fair trade practices. Since each one is individually made, each serape becomes a unique piece of fabric art. Hang one on a wall and see how it brings the room to life. Alternatively, they can also be folded and arranged in a fanlike formation, making a double art piece out of a Mexican serape. Bookmark and Share