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Reviews, ratings, ravings and feedback on Mexican hammocks and Mayan hammocks from more happy customers who just got to have a Mayan hammock and Mexican hammock. Read why so many think these hammocks are considered the best hammocks.

Replacing the Mexican hammock he bought on a vacation in 2007:

Ben, Toronto, Ont. Canada

He had to get 2 more Queen Mexican hammocks:
Maggie K., Oregon, USA

She loves the Mexican hammock and serape blanket combo:

Sincerely, LaVonne M., IA, USA

Loves the comfort of his Super King Size Mexican hammock:

I just wanted to let you know that my hammock arrived yesterday morning, I absolutely love it! I have already hung it up and I am actually writing this email from the comfort of my beautiful new super king hammock! Thank you so much for such wonderful service.
Danny P. Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Loved the Excellent Service & Delivery
Excellent service. It's a birthday present for early Jan. so (we) won't try it out till then and when the snow clears. Thank you for a very quick and efficient sale and delivery.
Carol G. Newport, Shropshire, UK

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colored mexican hammocks

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More Info About Mexican hammocks and Mayan hammocks:

Along with being handmade, what makes Mexican hammocks and Mayan hammocks so unique are the great colors. The vibrant colors of a Mexican hammock are what makes them distinct from factory made hammocks. It's the alluring colors of Mexican hammocks that make them so popular for the outdoors. They set up easily anywhere and add a decorative touch to any outdoor, garden or pool area. Because they pack up light, Mayan hammocks and Mexican hammocks are ideal for picnics, a day at the beach and weekend cottage getaways. They are extremely light weight, but have the ability to hold large amounts of weight. They can also be used to store goods like sleeping bags, packs and goods while traveling or camping too. As much as they are popular for outdoor living, Mexican hammocks can also be hung indoors as well. Just insert hooks securely in wall studs or ceiling beams and a hammock can easily used indoors. Mexican hammocks are especially convenient for small apartments, lofts and studios as well as small rooms for more seating or even an extra spot to sleep.

Yucatan Hammock Info

Mexican hammocks and Mayan hammocks from the Yucatan of Mexico are for all intense and purposes the same hammock. In the Yucatan, as the Mayan people were conquered and colonial Mexico developed in its wake, the Mayan culture and ideas were assumed by the developing Spanish-Mexican culture. What was originally a Mayan invention - the Mayan hammock - became co-opted by colonial Spanish-Mexicans. Over time the Mexican cultural dominance and everday usage transformed their cultural reference point into Mexican hammocks. The most important distinction with our Mexican hammocks is our hammocks are handmade by Mayan women using traditional Mayan hammock weaving methods that date back thousands of years. The Mexican hammocks are made in small villages in the Yucatan of Mexico and are locally known as Yucatan hammocks.Bookmark and Share