Hand Blown Margarita Glasses & Mexican Margarita Glassware

blue swirl margarita glasses

Mexican margarita glasses and handblown glassware are well known for the bubbles that are in the glass. These bubbles are made during the process of making the glasses. Since each glass is handmade and hand blown, each glass is unique. On vacation in Mexico, margaritas are usually served in Mexican margarita glasses and glassware, or back home, in your favorite Mexican restaurant. These are the favorite!

Mexican Margarita Glasses

red swirl mexican margarita glasses

Hand blown Mexican margarita glasses come in clear bubble glass with swirls and clear base.

Various Colors - Red, Blue, Green, Gold

Height: 6 1/2" tall
Diameter: 5"
Thickness: 1/8"
Liquid Volume: 16 ounces
$9.95 each plus shipping
Min. order 24 glasses; can be be mixed & matched with other styles.
Email us your quantity, country and postal code for shipping quote.

About Mexican Glassware

Mexican Margarita Glasses, the perfect Mexican glassware for the perfect Margarita! Handmade and hand blown in Mexico, these stylish Margarita glasses are noted for their colored rim. The most common colored Margarita glasses Mexican are the green rimmed and blue rimmed available below. Environmentally friendly, each glass is typically made of recycled glass and individually mouth blown to ensure quality. As each glass is handmade and hand blown each Mexican Margarita glass is a unique piece of art with no two exactly alike.

Often known and recognized as Mexican bubble glass, the cent uries-old glass blowing techniques used by the craftsmen create small air bubbles in the glass. This gives hand blown Mexican glassware its distinctive characteristics. Our assortment of Margarita glasses Mexican are all lead-free and are ready to serve up the ultimate Margarita! These Mexican Margarita glasses will spice up your afternoon fiesta or patio party. Mexican glassware will add a dash of Mexican décor and feel to any table or event. These are the Margarita glasses you always wanted for the ultimate Margarita party.

All our Mexican margarita glasses are authentic hand blown Mexican glassware. The hand blowing technique creates tiny bubble in the glass which give Mexican glassware the distintive look and name Mexican bubble glass. The glasses are made of recycled glass and are thick and durable. They are tough yet can easily be washed in a dishwasher. Mexican Margarita glasses are perfect for parties and even serving your favorite cocktail or Hors d'oeuvre. You can use it as a dip holder or shrimp display. Mexican margarita glasses - the perfect party glass.. Bookmark and Share