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Mexican talavera plates are some of the most popular of talavera pottery. Their hand painted surfaces provide an artistic touch to any room. Yet, the talavera plates can be used - with care - as dinnerware. Wash them by hand and they can last for many years. Better yet, mount them on brackets to display on a wall or on a shelf.

Mexican Talavera Plates

Mexican Talavera plates are the most popular of all the Mexican Talavera pottery. Because of the flatter surface area of the Talavera plates, the hand drawn designs that decorate the plate are more striking to the eye. With a larger surface area, the unique artistry of each Talavera plate adds a decorative touch to your home environment. They can accentuate walls and shelves, or make an impact on any flat surface. With their vibrant colors and themes, Talavera plates are unique works of art that will bring warmth to any room and the compliments of your friends and family.mexican talavera plate

All our Mexican Talavera plates are handmade in Puebla, Mexico. Distinguished by its earthy white clay and base glaze, authentic Mexican Talavera pottery only comes from the city of Puebla and the nearby towns. Our plates are made by local artisans who earn income from their craft to support their families. The craft has not changed since early colonial times, with each piece handmade from formation to painting. The process to create Talavera pottery is an elaborate tradition taking up to 3-4 months. These particular plates are not available anywhere else online and carry the artisan’s name on the back of each Talavera plate. Please email for our selection of the most popular styles and help support the local artisans.

All our Talavera plates are authentic, handmade, original creations. The process to create Mexican Talavera plates and pottery is unchanged since colonial times and can take 3-4 months. The process is risky because a piece can break at any point. This makes Talavera pottery 3 times more costly than other types of pottery. Mexican Talavera plates and pottery are a unique piece of art yet functional and practical. As each piece is handpainted, there may be minute differences from the images above. It is recommended that you do not place them in the dishwasher, as this can wash out the colors, but wash them by hand in warm water.

Along with quality products you see here, we are able to source many more products from our connections and network of local Mexican suppliers. North American customers can also enjoy the benefits of NAFTA trade agreement (read more information below).

For wholesale Mexican product inquiries, contact us with your information. We can ship small orders all the way up to whole containers.
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About Mexican Talavera Products

About Mexican wholesale products. All our products are handmade by the local Mexican artisans in their towns and villages across Mexico We work with the villagers or local directly. In this way you can be assured of the products' artisanal source. We collect the products directly from the artisans and ship them right from Mexico to your door, anywhere around the world. Whatever Mexican wholesale product you are looking for, we have it - or can get it. If you can't find here what you are looking, just drop us a line. With our extensive network of artisan and village connections, we can get what you are looking for.

North American customers can also enjoy the benefits of NAFTA trade agreement. This means that many products can be imported under NAFTA guidelines. Not only can this eliminate red tape, but can reduce or eliminate import duties. We ship using FedEx for both its speed, security, tacking and their experience with international customs brokering. Bookmark and Share