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Handmade Mexican Wholesale Products Direct From Mexican & Mayan Artisans

For Mexican wholesale products, we provide you with an authentic Mexican selection. If you're looking to stock a new store, compliment your existing product line or open a Mexican restaurant, we have what you are looking for. Below are just some of our more popular Mexican wholesale products. Drop us an email if you have a specific request.

Mexican Talavera Pottery

mexican blown glassware

Mexican Talavera pottery is well known and easy to recognise with its vibrant, hand painted colors and designs. Talavera plates, bowls, vases and cups are the most popular. Check out the large selection of Talavera pottery available. talavera pottery wholesale

Mexican Margarita Glasses

mexican blown glassware

Mexican hand blown glassware is some of the most beautiful glassware. Each piece is hand blown, with no two exactly the same. For an authentic touch, add Mexican margarita glasses to your selection or dinner table.
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Mexican Serape Wholesale

mexican serape 003-952

Mexican serapes wholesale are a popular choice for interior decorators as well as car enthusiasts. By throwing one on the couch, across a table or bed, they add a nice dash of color. Of course, the hot rod car market has some claim to them too. learn more wholesale mexican blankets

Hammocks Wholesale

mayan hammock wholesale

Popular with hotels, surf shops and outdoor garden centers, wholesale Mexican hammocks are the must-have outdoor leisure product. With the stunning colors, soft cotton, you can't help but feel you're floating on a cloud.
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About Mexican Wholesale Products

We take the time to find the right people to source our Mexican wholesale products. We look for attention to detail, quality that is above par and have unique artisanal quality. We will always choose quality products that are typically handmade. From the hand woven Mexican hammocks and serapes to handblown Mexican glassware to handpainted Talavera pottery, all our products are unique pieces of art.

Along with quality products you see here, we are able to source many more products from our connections and network of local Mexican suppliers. North American customers can also enjoy the benefits of NAFTA trade agreement (read more information below).

For wholesale Mexican product inquiries, contact us with your information. We can ship small orders all the way up to whole containers.
Drop us an email @: Wholesale or call Keith, our VP of Marketing and Sales, direct at: (604) 780 7116.

More Info

About Mexican wholesale products. All our products are handmade by the local Mexican artisans in their towns and villages across Mexico. We work with the villagers or locals directly. In this way you can be assured of the products' artisanal source. We collect the products directly from the artisans and ship them right from Mexico to your door, anywhere around the world. Whatever Mexican wholesale product you are looking for, we have it - or can get it. If you can't find here what you are looking, just drop us a line. With our extensive network of artisan and village connections, we can get what you are looking for.

North American customers can also enjoy the benefits of NAFTA trade agreement. This means that many products can be imported under NAFTA guidelines. Not only can this eliminate red tape, but can reduce or eliminate import duties. We ship using FedEx for both its speed, security, tacking and their experience with international customs brokering. Bookmark and Share

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