Testimonials About Our Mexican Serape Blankets From People All Over the World...

Real comments from people all over the world of our Mexican serapes and sarapes blankets. Serapes reviews, feedback on Mexican serapes and testimonials from happy customers who love their Serapes and Mexican Serapes blankets. Read what others have to say about serapes and Mexican serapes...

Feedback, reviews and testimonials from happy customers who love their Mexican serapes blankets.
Read what others have to say about their serapes:

She loves her Mexican serapes:
I have been looking for a mexican serape for a year! I was searching but I never found any online serape webpages. I always put "search mexican serape" and then it ocurred to me to search through google and I put "mexican sarape online" and your stylemexican.com was like the second page that jumped out.... I was really so happy to find it.
Rose P ., USA

Delighted with her serapes:

...Just to let you know that the serape blanket arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful... Thank you on my experience. It has been a delight.
Jacinta, Australia

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Happy With the Beautiful Serapes:

"The package arrived early this morning. The serapes blankets are beautiful! Thank you so much for the prompt order. I will definitely be ordering some more from you in the near future. My husband and son are delighted by the brilliant colors. Thanks again!"
Diane K., USA

Serapes customers all over the world:

I ordered two serapes. The delivery was prompt and they are simply beautiful!
Anita S., UK

Loved the serapes colors:

The serape has been a big hit. I use it inside and outdoors and always get asked where I got it from..."
Sharon K., Canada

An Awesome Experience:

I ordered a Mexican serapes and am excited by the colors! I thought the experience as well as the shipping/receiving etc... was excellent!! The website was easy to use, the descriptions were very good. I love that their are handmade by Mayans. I am very happy with the serapes and also with the ease of you site. Thank you for a great experience. Sandra B., Canada

A Great Decorative Find:

I am incredibly impressed with the beautiful serapes. They are great and are an amazing addition to our home. Many thanks for making them available.
Terry H., UK

Authentic Serapes Mexican:

The serapes look great. Many thanks for your attention to customer service. I love that they are authentic Mexican serapes handmade by Mayan women in the Yucatan.
Rob T., Australia

We would love to hear from you with your stories, reviews and testimonials about serapes:
We would love to hear from you and your stories about your serapes you got from us! Please email us with your stories and feedback and we'd be pleased to post it here. You can send us an email via contact us. Please feel free to share your photos too.

More About Serapes

Serapes are versatile blanket that are usually found in the markets of Yucatan of Mexico. All our serapes are handmade by the local Mayan women in their villages in the Yucatan of Mexico. We work with the local villages and villagers. We collect the serapes directly from the artisans ship them right from Mexico to your door.

Serapes are known for their interwoven, striped colorful designs. The colors are usually warm and vibrant. The largest stripe is always the dominant color and is repeated throughout weave, along with secondary colors. The serapes usually consists of a darker base color with smaller striped bands of colors. There are also serapes that are made in lighter tones and softer shades. You may also find them in colors of the same shade as well. The ends of the serapes blankets usually finished with fringed ends.

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More About Serapes

In its intended form, serape refers to the traditional striped weave that makes up the blanket design of today. It was the mark of the traditional striped weave of the simple outer clothing worn like a poncho. The technique to create these stunning blankets has been passed on through the generations. These stunning and stylish Mexican serape blanket bring a unique decorative touch and a splash of color to any room in the house. From table runners in the dinning room to bed covers, these unique pieces of fabric art make a wonderful accessory to any piece of furniture or add vibrancy to any room in the house. Serapes are a great way to add some Mexican home decorating style. Serapes blankets also make for a great outdoors blanket, for the beach or a picnic. They have also been used for weddings, banquets and festivals. Serapes especially make a great gift!