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Single Size Mayan Hammocks & Mexican Hammocks For Solo, Travel & Kids.

The Single Size Mayan / Mexican hammock is great for solo use or for a lazy day on the beach. These are also great travel hammocks. The single is also good for young children old enough to use and enjoy a hammock. With children in a hammock, smaller children must ALWAYS be supervised.

Single Size Mexican Hammocks

For adults the single size hammock may feel a little cramped to cuddle with that someone special, so couples should consider a larger size. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your hammock with someone special, we recommend the Queen size (2 person hammock) or the King size hammock.

For those who want to spend their days laying in a hammock, get the largest Mayan hammock you can because the larger your hammock, the more comfortable it will be when lying it. A bigger hammock will provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out to your body's length. This is a case where size really does matter. The bigger the hammock, the more threads you have, and the tighter the weave is. You also enjoy a broader center of gravity, providing a larger area of support.

Single size hammocks are great for travelers, campers and those looking to optimize space. Those looking for light weight, these hammocks are the most portable for their size. They also make great storage for soft goods like sleeping bags, stuffed animals, backpacks and pillows..

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More Info On Single Mexican Hammocks

Every one of our single size hammocks is made of 100% cotton, with the end strings made of nylon for strength and support. Each on is handwoven by Mayan women in the Yucatan of Mexico using centuries old hammock weaving methods. The women make Mayan hammocks to suppliment their family incomes. In this way the women can watch over their children asleep in a hammock, while making a hammock at the same time. Children should only use a hammock with proper adult supervison. For those wanting more room and a more versatile, robust hammock, we recommend our heavy duy hammock, the Super Jumbo.

When you get a Mexican hammock or Mayan hammock, you are contributing directly to Mayan family income, the independence of the women and supporting local community development. Your support helps the hundreds of families who earn an income in the production of fair trade hammocks. For solo use, you can't go wrong with the single Mayan hammock. Bookmark and Share