The Biggest Mexican Hammock - Super King Jumbo, The Ideal Family Hammock.

The Super King Jumbo is our largest hammock and is as good as it gets in the world of Mexican Hammocks. Great for one to lounge around or pile on the family for a day at the beach. This one is a heavy duty, yet portable hammock. A true family hammock, add a pillow or serape blanket, and hang out for the weekend!

Super King Jumbo mexican hammocks

The comfort of this family sized Jumbo Mexican hammock is unmatched. The open weave design can open as wide as 12 feet. The weave is so tight that the hammock will feel like a solid piece of cloth and will also provide for a little extra weave to throw over your legs or wrap yourself like a cocoon on a breezy day. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your hammock - or are replacing your bed - then we recommend the Super King Jumbo.

For those who want to spend their days laying in a hammock, get the largest hammock you can because the larger your hammock is the more comfortable it feels when using it. This is a case where size really does matter. Why is that? The Mexican Mayan hammock is woven with cotton thread, using an open style that allows the hammock to expand and contract freely. The bigger the hammock, the more threads you have, and the tighter the weave is. This means that largest size hammocks provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out to your body's length! You also enjoy a broader center of gravity for greater comfort.

The Super King Jumbo Mexican hammock is the biggest Mexican hammock, and one for the whole family or the entire gang.

hammock colorsGet yours now for just $69.95 (plus FedEx shipping) available in the following vibrant colors.


"That's what I wanted, something big enough that my family of three could all fit. The price was good when I comparison shopped and you had some nice tips on how to hang it."

Nicole F. USA

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Super King Jumbo Mexican Hammock Highlights:

  • Weight: 1800 grs / 3.9 pounds

  • Length ( bed ): 2.01 meters / 6.59 feet

  • Width: 2.69 meters / 8.84 feet

  • Total length: 4.06 meters / 13.33 feet

  • Supports up to 680 kilograms / 1,500 pounds

mexican serape blankets

Add A Mexican Serape

Add a Mexican Serape Blanket for extra comfort and a decorative outdoor touch! Handmade of 100% cotton, machine washable, great for picnics and the beach too. Large selection of colors for just $34.95.

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hammock mosquito net

Add A Mosquito Net

For ultimate comfort and enjoyment add a mosquito net (mosquiteros). Total protection and relaxation letting you and your family enjoy your hammock day and night. Just $19.95.

hammock totebag

Add A Tote Bag!

Colorful tote bags to easily carry and store your hammock. Can also hold your magazines, cell and keys while at the beach or picnic, for just $12.95.

Color Choices:

More Info On The Mayan Hammock Weavers:

Eustacio and his wife Juana Francisca were very proud to show us their home, inviting us in for some fresh tortillas which were still piping hot. The torillas were cooked in a pan over an open fire, the only way for many to cook in these small villages. They also showed us what they were preparing for lunch. As the tomato sauce was cooking in a pan on the fire, a few eggs and 2 small sausages were at the ready to be added to the sauce. Along with some beans and the tortillas, lunch was all that we saw on the table.

Along with his income from his farm and mill, his family of 6 daughters and 2 sons also participate in the hammock trade. In this family it’s the women who make the hammocks who will produce a hammock a week to add to the family income. Read more about Mexican hammock making. Bookmark and Share