Thick Cord Mexican Hammocks - Great For Home, Cottage, Preferred by Hotels & Resorts

All the support you need for one or more people, the thick cord Mexican hammock is ideal if you need something tough and hardy. The cords are thicker, yet still provide you the comfort of a Mexican hammock. This is the hammock hotels and resorts request for their guests houses, grounds and beaches.

thick cord mexican hammocks

If you're looking for something that will put up with a rougher lifestyle, then the thick cord Mexican hammock may be the one for you. This one size thick cord hammock has the size to take on a crew, yet is still super comfortable because of the thick cotton cord.

The Mexican thick cord hammock thread is about the size of a pencil lead. The extra thick cotton cord gives it extra durability and yet still retains its comfort. This one may be good for heavier use or to take the strain of rambunctious children. It is comfortable enough for you and your sweetheart, yet big enough to easily welcome your family and friends. The thick cord hammock could be considered a heavy duty hammock. It's cord is thicker than the standard net style hammocks we have. Yet with the same weave of our traditional hammocks, you can be assured of its comfort, support, and strength, while still retaining the beauty and charm of a Mexican hammock.

Great for the outdoors, this thick cord Mexican hammock is for those who want something tougher. If you want a hammock to reflect your stress free lifestyle, then the thick cord hammock just may be the one for you! This is the one resorts and hotels order from us for their guests' enjoyment and relaxation.

Thick Cord Mexican hammocks are great for:

  • Picnics in the park, days at the beach.
  • Decorating your garden, backyard or pool area
  • A long stay camping trip in the great outdoors
  • Camps, hotels, and resorts

hammock colorsGet yours now for just $74.95 (plus FedEx shipping) available in the following vibrant colors.


"The kids love the thick cord hammock. They just hang out in the afternoon reading their books. It's become better than a babysitter!"

Wendy B., Sarnia, ON, CAN

Product & Order Info

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Thick Cord Mexican Hammock Highlights:

  • Weight: 1450 grs/ 3.15 pounds

  • Length (bed): 2 meters / 6.7 feet

  • Wide: 2.3 meters / 7.6 feet

  • Total length: 4 meters / 13.33 feet

  • Supports up to 400 kilograms / 800 pounds

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Add A Mexican Serape

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hammock mosquito net

Add A Mosquito Net

For ultimate comfort and enjoyment add a mosquito net (mosquiteros). Total protection and relaxation letting you and your family enjoy your hammock day and night. Just $19.95.

hammock totebag

Add A Tote Bag!

Colorful tote bags to easily carry and store your hammock. Can also hold your magazines, cell and keys while at the beach or picnic, for just $12.95.

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More Info On The Mayan Hammock Weavers:

The Maya people today still live with their traditions and customs that date back centuries. The Mayan people, some 7 million Mayans strong, live in the northern areas of Guatemala, Belize, and the western regions of Honduras and El Salvador. There are also large segments of Mayan people living within the Mexican states of Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Chiapas. The largest group of modern Mayans can be found in the Mexican state of Yucatán, on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

It's from this Yucatan region where our Mexican hammocks are made. The many towns that dot around the colonial town of Merida are where our hammocks are handmade by hundreds of families. We work with the local communities to have the hammocks made under fair trade conditions, to help the Mayan families earn a source of income. We provide their handmade artisan products directly to you for your enjoyment. Bookmark and Share